Teaming your staircase with glass panels can create an effortlessly modern look for commercial or domestic stairs and add an extra dimension to any space. If you want to suggest the illusion of space, or want to keep your room or hallway airy and bright, then glass is key.

    Melbourne’s preferred choice for glass balustrades

    Just as windows and mirrors can enhance the scale of a room and let in extra light, so too can glass-featured staircases add character and class, along with that desired light and spacious effect. It can also make a heavy staircase look immediately more refined and, teamed with stainless steel or timber posts, can create a truly professional and polished look.

    Handrails are another useful addition and work well with glass. We can incorporate any of these features into your staircase at Tarosa Stairs. Just give us a call and we’ll make sure you get glass balustrades which set your stairs off perfectly.

    Call us today on  03 9761 5099  to find out more about our glass balustrades!

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